St Stephen's Pre-School
Canterbury Road
Tel:  07534 911918

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The safety of children in our care is our paramount concern, so children are always within sight of an adult and we only allow authorised adults to collect them. If you need to add to you list of collectors please let us know. It is a good idea to avoid your child wearing long earrings, rings or bangles and if they arrive in wellingtons, a spare pair of shoes is useful. Fire drills are held regularly.

All of our staff are first aid trained to deal with minor incidents, which are also recorded in the accident book. If any child falls ill during a session then parents /carers are contacted. Please do not bring your child in if they have experienced vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours, this will help to avoid spreading infection.

Please ensure that you follow your doctors advice if your child suffers any communicable disease.

The Children's Act 2004 places responsibility on us to work, when appropriate, with other professionals which may include Social Services and the NSPCC.

Children are given support and explanations about unwanted behaviour so that they are able to work towards self-discipline, greater self-esteem and confidence in an atmosphere providing mutual respect, care and encouragement.

It is good for children to practise skills that help them become independent. Simple clothing that they can handle themselves will enable them to be more efficient in the toilet and to get used to putting on / removal of outdoor clothes. We do have a small reserve of clothes for accidents which we ask to be promptly returned. Please remember to leave a sun hat when it is hot.

We provide a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon. We try to avoid fat, sugar, salt & preservatives and colourings. The snack will include some fruit/veg, protein and a carbohydrate or a multi-cultural or theme-based taster. Milk or water is provided as your child prefers. Special dietary requirements are observed.

We charge £1.20 per session for snacks and consumables per child, we offer a great menu for our snacks and find this great value for money.  


Please see below for examples of our snack menu.